Who is Jeff Wheeland?

machu-picchu-057Jeff Wheeland is a first-time author, whose self-published novel There’s More to Life than a Shitty Cubicle chronicles the tale of a regular working stiff that needs to decide whether to continue in his safe, comfortable, interminably boring life or quit his despised job, take the plunge, and head out into the world to discover what makes him happy. Along the way he unleashes his recipe for chocolate chronic cookies, drinks with an ex-dictator’s nephew, befriends a buffalo named Walter, joins the most popular band in Northern Brazil, avoids a near-kidnapping by the Venezuelan military, meets a tiny psychedelic gnome named Gary. Throughout his peculiar adventures he needs to decide what the hell to do with his life.

When not traveling the world, Jeff lives in California with his wife and baby daughter. There’s More to Life than a Shitty Cubicle is his first novel and he may even write another if anyone likes it. Hell, he may even write another if no one likes it. He would love to hear any feedback from his readers, good or bad, who can email him on the Contact page on this website . If you hate his book, don’t worry, you won’t be his first online enemy. Isn’t that right, Oscar Heck? (Oscar Heck, by the way, is the coolest nemesis name a guy could ask for).

You can follow Jeff’s coherent thoughts, humorous discourse, and rambling rhetoric on Twitter, Instagram, FaceSpace*, and Twitstagrambook*.

*So these forms of social media don’t exist. But when they do, I’ll totally post on there**.

**Actually, I probably won’t. But, I will do my damnedest to consistently post on the real sites listed above.