There’s More to Life than a Shitty Cubicle


There’s More to Life than a Shitty Cubicle is Jeff Wheeland’s first novel. You can find this novel in paperback or digital format on (And for those hardy few who actually use iBooks, contact me and I can help you out.)

“Tyler Wheelhouse is a regular working stiff. He has a job that pays the bills, a boss who takes credit for his work, and a consistent routine. And he is bored shitless. For years he has sat in his gray-carpeted cubicle trying to look busy while staring at the pictures on his wall, daydreaming of the adventures he was missing: near-kidnappings, riotous dance parties, disgruntled water buffaloes, libidinous locals, jaw-dropping landscapes, and giant beavers. But to make these dreams a reality, he first has to quit his job, leave his comfortable life behind, and take the first step towards discovering a world full of amazing experiences, fascinating people, and perhaps even love that could change his life forever.”

Praise* for There’s More to Life than a Shitty Cubicle

“Once in a generation, there is a book that changes the course of literature itself, steers it in a grand new direction, and never looks back. That book is The Da Vinci Code. But, There’s More to Life than a Shitty Cubicle is good too, you should read it.”
—The Los Angeles Tribune

“Move over Bible. There’s a new book in town.”
—Pope Ferdinand VII

“There’s More to Life than a Shitty Cubicle is vintage Wheeland. And, since this is his first novel, I use the term ‘vintage’ in the sense of a clothing store that sells brand new clothes that just look old. But they’ll still get you laid. And isn’t that what we’re all hoping for?”
—The New Orleans Chronicle

“If I was stranded at sea on a life raft and had a choice between a fishing pole and this book, I’d choose this book. But I’m allergic to fish and I’ve really been trying to get back into reading.”
—The Houston Journal

*Ok, so none of these periodicals or people exist, but if they did, woo boy…they might have had some praise for this book. Except for the pope, it’d probably burn his skin if he touched it.